Away to Sing organises fun singing weekends for individuals or groups of friends, delivers workshops with choirs, undertakes consultancy and can develop work-place singing opportunities. We are also available to hotels and cruise companies as a "ready made" music team to come and add enormous value to your clients' experiences.

We undertake CONSULTANCY and TRAINING to assist:

  • choirs with recruitment using proven, successful strategies;
  • musical directors improve their directing skills to get the very best from their choir;
  • committees and senior choir officers charged with acquiring new music leaders.

For the cost of your phone call, ring us for a chat to see what we can offer you and your choir. You can contact us on 01778 347381.

We can come to you or we can work remotely via Skype, telephone or email.


If we come to you, payment of our travelling and any accommodation costs will be necessary. Our consulancy rates are very reasonable and a huge amount can be covered in just an hour or so (often split up into several shorter sessions). Anything and everything can be discussed first "on the phone". We are based in the East Midlands so nowhere is too far for us to travel.


Using Skype, we can still be "face to face" but not need to travel, For musical directors or aspiring/deputy directors, the benefits are:

  • everything is confidential and there's no-one else "around" as it's a one to one session;
  • gesture can be demonstrated and refined in real time with the music you are using;
  • repertoire can be discussed and demonstrated;
  • choir, part or even committee issues can be discussed in complete confidence;
  • "troubles shared are troubles halved", etc.
  • We are used to directors, committee members and even choir members needing to "off load". Musical directors, especially, have a very lonely role and it is good to be able to discuss issues with folks who have wide experience of choirs and choir politics.



For committee officers charged with the task of acquiring new music team members, the responsibility is a heavy one. There's a huge amount to think about. If you work with Away to Sing, we'll help you understand what it is you need, help you write an appropriate job description, show you where and when it is best to advertise your vacancy and work with you on selection and recruitment. Many appointments go wrong for the most trivial of reasons, Away to Sing partners have been involved and advised choirs across the country on the necessities.

Away to Sing

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An organisation passionate about getting people singing, we can work with you in the most appropriate way for you or your choir.

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