Away to Sing delivers workshops with choirs, undertakes consultancy aimed at recruiting new singers or music leaders and can develop work-place singing opportunities. 

Our workshops are fun and engage singers in new and different ways. We can COME TO YOU to for an evening or day workshop. Reasonable travelling expenses are charged and, in some cases, accommodation might be necessary. Away to Sing can:

  • develop the whole choir during a fun evening / day working on current repertoire;
  • introduce new repertoire;
  • develop a choir working towards a competition performance;
  • develop individuals or sections within the choir;
  • work with choir and musical team, to explain why MD's do what they do and what they are seeking to achieve through their gestures;.
  • work with accompanists to develop greater empathy between them and the choir/musical director

We use fun group dynamics techniques to develop confidence among singers and work on stage presence with individuals, sections and the whole choir.

We hear so frequently that choirs "don't compete any more". We want to encourage and give confidence to choirs and directors to look to their local, national and international competition options. Competition does require extra work but that develops choirs and the sound they make. Away to Sing workshops develop confidence and help everyone to get think positively about development options. Competition is one facet of that.